Car Supplies Air Outlet Universal Car Interior Navigation Rack Fixed

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Product information:
Battery capacity: 200mAh
Use time: support to open the contract 300 times
Product net weight: 109g
Product size: 748*389*523mm
Rated voltage: DC 5v
Rated current: 0.5A
Product standard configuration: 1 holder, 1 manual, 1 charging cable
Applicable size: suitable for mobile phone width ≥65mm, ≤85mm
Packing specification: 94*41*150mm

1.Small and exquisite, does not block the air outlet, easy to integrate the interior
2.Electric opening and closing, intelligent electric drive device, electric lock with micro switch
3.Freely switch between horizontal and vertical screens, one-handed access, more convenient
4.Metal clamp arm, stable clamping and more texture
5.200mAh battery, long battery life, can be opened and closed 300 times when fully charged(charge one time for holder, can be used for about 1 month)
6.Power display, four-segment power display, clear power status, reminder to charge

New upgrade comparison
Our new electric bracket
1.360 degree rotation, multi-angle pick and place
2.Precision silencer structure, no abnormal noise during use
3.One-button start, automatic locking
Other bracket
1.Can not be placed horizontally, the center of gravity is unstable
2.The telescopic structure is loose and the driving noise is loud
3.Manual pick and place, inconvenient to use

Packing list:
1x holder, 1x manual, 1x charging cable

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