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【Neck brace】Different from the traditional cervical traction device, the new neck brace can adjust the angle and size of the neck brace to fit your neck perfectly. The hollow V-shaped design of the neck brace will not affect your daily life and work at all. The lighter and more breathable PP material allows you to clearly feel the help of the neck brace on the shoulders and neck. 
【Effectively Improve the Forward Posture of the Neck】When people are working, using a computer, watching TV, using a mobile phone, reading, or even driving, a long-term forward tilt of the head will cause deformation of the cervical spine area, a cervical neck traction device can help You maintain good spine posture and relieve pain and stress. 
【Multi-Scene Use】The portable design allows you to relax your neck for 15 minutes at home, in the office, at school, or even during breaks, giving your neck a decompression exercise. 
【Neck Pain Relief】If you often feel cervical spine pain, it means that your cervical spine has begun to have problems, and this neck support device can relieve the pressure of the head on the spine and shoulders.

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