Pet Hand Throwing Ball

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Pet Hand Throwing Ball

Multifunction Pet Dog Ball Launcher, integrates a variety of interactive functions, such as dog ball launcher, pet ball with automatic stretching rope, etc. The molar ball can be easily installed on the top of the ball launcher, and directly swing the arm to throw the molars to a distance, allowing the dog to catch it back.


Ball launcher function: The ball launcher has a soft, ergonomic and non-slip handle design. By using the thrower, you can throw the dog ball farther and faster, bringing much joy to your dog.

Chew toy: Made of environmentally friendly and healthy PP, it can be used as a teething chew ball for your pet dog, designed to clean your puppy's teeth. You can also apply pet-friendly toothpaste and attractant to the teething lumps so your dog can brush his teeth.


Automatic Retractable Rope Ball Toy: The pet teething ball has a soft rope clasp and a built-in retractable rope that you can use to control the throwing range of your dog's teething ball. You can also put the soft rope buckle on the top of the dog bouncing ball launcher and throw the ball back to play with your puppy.

Portable dog toy: The dog ball launcher has a 19.4-inch handle and is lightweight, so it can be easily carried anywhere. And the catch ball toy is easy to use with a squeeze ring closure then the dog bite ball can be easily mounted on the top of the ball launcher and easily removed.

Multifunctional dog interactive toys: you can use the interactive dog toy as a dog ball launcher toy, yo-yo pet ball toy, dog retractable rope toy, dog teething ball toy, dog chasing toy and more.


  • Materials: ABS Plastic
  • Colour: Navy Blue
  • Length: 19.41 in 
  • Width: 2.72in 
  • Height: 2.68in
  • Weight: 6.63oz 

Package includes

1x Interactive Ring Retractable Rope Ball Dog Toy

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