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1. When removing stains, wipe gently to avoid damaging the gums and oral mucosa
2. The soaked cotton swab is properly dampened, not too wet
3. It takes about 1 minute for each tooth to clean
4. If the stain cannot be completely removed, use it again after a week
5. Do not use for children under 13 years old. Don't try to swallow

Product information:
Function: Whitening
Suitable for: Adult
Efficacy: teeth whitening
Specification type: ordinary specification

After use, please tighten and store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight

Before use, clean the mouth with warm water, then dip a cotton swab into an appropriate amount of this product, and clean the surface of the teeth repeatedly in front of the mirror. Rinse with warm water until the dishes are clean

Package Included:
Teeth whitening tool*1
Box of teeth whitening powder*1

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