Electrolysis Direct Drinking Water Machine Weak Alkaline Water

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Electrical outlet: US

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Product information:

How it works: electrolysis
Water treatment machine category: water electrolysis machine
Filter: activated carbon
Efficacy: direct drink
Water purification effect: remove viruses, remove scale, remove heavy metals, remove organic matter, remove chlorine, remove sediment, remove rust, remove bacteria
Filter level: 4-level filtering
Water outlet mode: double outlet
Material: plastic
Specifications: 199mmX117mmX315mm
Product Name: Straight Water Dispenser
Applicable TDS range: 50-1200PPM
Use water pressure range: 0.10-0.4MPA
Operating environment humidity: ≤90%
Electrolytic cell/electrolysis area: five plates and four tanks/320cm2
Electrolytic cell material: Japanese high-tech precision sintered titanium dioxide electrolytic cell equipped with imported ion membrane
Electrolyzer cleaning method: automatic cleaning for about 10 seconds after use with alkaline water, multi-stage setting according to water quality conditions, strengthen notification cleaning 30-90L

Packing list:

Electrolyzed water machine*1

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