Memory Foam Pillow Seat Pillow Car

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Product information:
External material: polyester
Type: headrest, lumbar cushion
Internal filling: space memory cotton
Pattern: black, gray, brown
Flame retardancy: not flammable
Color: three generations-normal style-black (drum-shaped headrest), three generations-normal style-gray (drum-shaped headrest), three generations-normal style-mocha brown (drum-shaped headrest), Three generations-massage style-black (drum -Shaped headrest), third generation-massage style-gray (drum-shaped headrest), third generation-massage style-mocha brown (drum-shaped headrest), third-Generation-normal style-black (short waist backrest), third-generation-normal style-gray (Short waist support), three generations-normal models-Mocha brown (short waist support), three generations-Massage models-black (short waist support), three generations-massage models-gray (short waist support), three generations-massage models-mocha brown (Short waist support), three generations-Massage models-black (drum-shaped headrest + short waist support), third generations-massage models-gray (drum-shaped headrest + short waist support), third generations-massage models-Mocha Brown (drum-shaped Headrest+Short Waist Rest Drum headrest + short waist)
Style 1: Three generations-ordinary style-black (drum-shaped headrest)
Style 2: Three generations-ordinary style-gray (drum-shaped headrest)
Style 3: Three generations-massage-black (drum-shaped headrest)
Style 4: Three generations-massage style-gray (drum-shaped headrest)

Packing list:
Polyester pillow x1

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